In the state of Oregon, realtors are allowed legally to be “dual agents”. This means that you can represent both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction. I often do this in my niche market at Fishhawk Lake.

View of our gorgeous lake and surrounding area! Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

This has been my field of expertise since January of 2005. I have had property on the lake and off since 2003. My husband and I live full time just past the lake community and have been residents of Birkenfeld since 2003.

Having had a long history of being a local, I have a firm background of most of the homes/properties that have changed hands throughout the 18 years of being the local realtor/expert for the Fishhawk Lake community.

First Existing Cabin on Fishhawk Lake Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

My husband and I also have a large animal rescue, established March of 2022, called On Golden Rescue.

Feel free to call me regarding selling your property or your interest in buying in my niche market at Fishhawk Lake!

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