Five Fire-Free Reasons to Buy at Fishhawk Lake!


In light of the recent fires in many areas of Oregon, it is even more important to some to find a safe haven that wasn’t affected by the fires and a healthy place to find retreat from it.

Whether you are looking for full time or a vacation place to have as a sanctuary, here are five good reasons to put Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community on your radar:.

  • Firewise Accredited Communitywhat it is: Firewise USA® is a voluntary program that provides a framework to help neighbors get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community.

We have been part of this program for several years. What that means is that we all work together to rid our community of any hazards that could cause potential fires, like invasive weeds that are easily inflammable, removing dangerous limbs, etc. that hang over our homes/properties that could cause a fire to spread, cleaning our roofs and gutters just to name a few tasks that save our lake community from potential dangers. Our local Firewise Coordinator, Kathy Cardona,

also teaches firepit training to members of our lake community before they can use their firepits. If building a new firepit, the location has to be approved by her as well and any new member must go through the training before lighting a fire!


  • Mist-Birkenfeld Rural Fire Protection District (MBRFPD) located just five miles away, we work in supporting them and following the guidelines they set forth during the driest seasons of the year by placing No Fires Today! signs around the community as well as volunteering in both fire and EMS to create a symbiotic and healthy community that stays fire free. MBRFPD has placed more fire hydrants in our Fishhawk Lake community than are even necessary and we have a firetruck located in the small fire station right inside the community both as a result of our ongoing mutually supportive and longstanding relationship.
  • Volunteerisma very important piece to the puzzle of staying educated about how to keep our Fishhawk Lake community thriving, by being or becoming a volunteer for our local rural fire, rescue, and EMS, which not only helps keep insurance costs down, but is monumentally rewarding in giving back to our rural community at large! Mist-Birkenfeld Rural Fire Protection District is always open to seeking out and welcoming new volunteers!! (Resident Volunteer Application link)
  • Emergency Preparedness-Purpose: The Emergency Preparedness Committee shall help the community prepare for and respond effectively to emergency situations that may arise in our community [Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community]. Working in conjunction with MBRFPD, we have plans in place for several potential disasters. There are many parts to this that are coming to fruition with this newer program. Here are a few:
  1. a) Organize, train and manage an Incident Management Team and First Responder network throughout the community to respond to emergency incidents in the community.
  2. b) Conduct formal and informal educational programs in the community that encourage residents to acquire continuing education in first aid, CPR, pet safety, and other emergency preparedness topics.

c)Participate in emergency preparedness plans of Clatsop and Columbia Counties and the State of Oregon and other local communities.

  • In the coastal range and on a lake!-With what just occurred in our beautiful state of Oregon because of devastating fires, I was deeply grateful every single day for the fact that we were untouched by forest fires in our Fishhawk Lake community. Wafting smoke came our way, but otherwise, many found this to be a much cleaner, fresher airspace and safer an area to be staying/living in than several towns in Oregon, both rural and urban. We have counted ourselves lucky to have a moister atmosphere and were heralded with rain sooner than some of the other areas around our state.

View of our gorgeous lake and surrounding area! Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

Just five reasons why I love the Fishhawk Lake and surrounding  community and have lived here since 2003!!!


Fishhawk Lake Community Lodge Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

If this piques your interest in real estate on or near Fishhawk Lake, please give me a call: Gayle Rich-Boxman (503)755-2905, REALTOR® John L Scott Mkt Ctr or e-mail me at: 


What Does Retirement Mean to You?

What does retirement mean to you?


Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman

As much of our population of Boomers ages, this word comes up often in conversations, in both personal friendships as well as with clients. When? Will you?? What do you intend to do IN retirement, i.e., what does the rest of your life hold?


The word retire came about in the 1530s, from the Middle French “retirer” which means to retreat, to withdraw, especially to some place private. In the 1640’s it took on more of a note of leaving work of some sort.


In looking at synonyms, there was everything from “ebb” to “sever connections”. Yin and yang of retirement perhaps?


There are those who feel that saying the word out loud is acrimonious. On the other side, some relish the idea, holding it up in the spotlight as a lifetime achievement award.


It takes on different meanings in relationship to one’s connection with work, and the meaning derived in life from how you are seen in the world. Also, one’s gender can play a part. In the book Finding Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, he reports, “Because of the different role of paid work in the psychic economy of men and women, the response of the two genders to their jobs is generally different”. He goes on to say, “…women generally experience employment more positively than men.”


Retirement isn’t a death sentence, but in working with clients who are preparing for that, it can be viewed quite differently, depending upon the person whose opinion you are inquiring about. Finances, travel plans, healthcare and its costs, creating a haven for family to be included (both sets of generations, parents and children), these are all factors in determining the “when” of retirement. OR the if!! Some look at it with glee, others with trepidation. Some have their entire ego invested in what they “do for a living”, while others feel that they have reached a new plateau of freedom when leaving a career behind.


In the real estate field, as in some others, age and gender don’t play such a factor. One can work until one’s demise if that is the choice. And in working with clients, age may not have such a hardline either. It’s more related to what your specialty is, your energy level, your relationships, how well you interact and understand your clients and your history in the business. 


In buying a home “on a lake” for example (my particular niche market), that can immediately connote vacation or retirement. It can be part time or full time. There is a wide division in those two descriptions in viewing the reasons for buying property where my niche market is, Fishhawk Lake. It is vital to grasp the financial aspects of what the buyer is contending with when deciding which direction they want to go in purchasing real estate that could start out as a second home or even a vacant lot, later to become a full time residence.


It may not be so definitive as to what the future plan is and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Two years, five, ten or maybe never retiring is A-OK.


It’s not all about the money.


“And, in fact, you can find that the lack of basic resources, material resources, contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources do not increase happiness.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Being financially responsible to set up a comfortable place to retreat to is important for most of those in the aging workforce, but equally as paramount for ensuing happiness is finding joy in everyday life, simple pleasures, living in a place that offers solace when the world gets to be too crazy. This starts rising to the top of the list as many of us get older. We learn that money isn’t the ultimate high but simply a means of trade for investing in a joyous aging process.


Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman Canoe on Fishhawk Lake


What is paramount for me to comprehend in learning about my clients is this: What is your dream? Why do you want this?



Not only does this relate to my clients, but in my own life as well. As I ponder my future with my husband, and walk that ever-changing path of life, I see how certain goals that mattered in my 30’s don’t matter one whit now! Realizing that spending an afternoon with friends and having marvelous conversations or walking in the woods with my dogs and my husband are becoming more momentous to me than working a 60, 70 or 90 hour week.


I can grasp the importance of supporting this gentle country lifestyle for my clients as well. As a matter-of-fact, I look at it as an honor to present these lifetime “rewards” to them: a quiet lake lifestyle that gives them a sense of peace and offers the simple joy of waking up on a lake in all seasons as they look to “retreat”.


 Cabins on Fishhawk Lake-photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman


Original content by Gayle Rich-Boxman published on  my ActiveRain blog  12.14.17

Dreaming about owning property? Dream BIG! Ten Tips to Owning Property

Dreaming about owning property? Dream BIG!

Ten Tips to Owning Property

Mt Everest


Why not? I’ve always been a believer in dreams. Having them, shooting for and making  them come true. 

Build foundations under them and dreams CAN come true.

Here are ten tips to BUILD A FOUNDATION to owning property.


1. Make your wishlist.

Go for it! Write down everything about that piece of property that would make you deliriously happy! Don’t self-edit. 

2.Find a good loan person.

Like any good advisor, this person can steer you in the right direction for your future investment. Make sure it’s someone who not only understands numbers, but has great communication skills and can advise you on the necessary steps to get your money in alignment with your dream. 

3. Find that right REALTOR® who believes in your dream.

This person needs to “get” you! It might happen right away, or take a bit of time with some ongoing dialogue, but ultimately you want to feel like they know exactly what you are aiming for (sometimes before you even do).  With their expertise, they can whittle down that wishlist into what you absolutely can’t live without and what you can compromise on. 

4. Share that wishlist with your REALTOR®. Let him or her hone in on what’s “wish”ful thinking and what’s reality. Maybe shoot for a bit of both? 

Create a clear vision together. More conversations  that you have, the clearer your dream becomes to your  REALTOR®. And sometimes it’s not just what you need, but what you want. Those intangibles are just as important as making the monthly payment. 

5. Focus on it like a mantra. Keep it uppermost in your mind. 

Have a visionboard or you can write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that is an hourly/daily reminder of  what you are seeking. Write it in a manner that puts it in the present tense. 

I am buying a cabin on a lake now! 

cabin with foxglove 300x296  IMG_1939



6. Open up a “Christmas” account.

Remember having to save to buy presents at the end of the year? In college, money was always tight,so I created a Christmas account through my bank and religiously put in money throughout the year. Maybe put a percentage of every paycheck in there. You can even get a big jar and put ALL OF YOUR EXTRA CHANGE IN THERE DAILY. You will be surprised at how it adds up! It is like a Christmas present to yourself. 


If you don’t, no one else will. 

8. Surround yourself with those who believe you CAN do it.

If you are reaching for a star and just can’t touch it, there are those who care about you enough to give you a boost UP; that stepstool that gives you that extra heighth to reach that star! 

9. Write down a date to aim for. 

Even if it comes and goes, you have a target. It takes practice to hit the bullseye. Don’t give up if you don’t get there in the time alloted. Create a new date. Keep aiming! 

10. Get creative in making it happen!

When your  REALTOR® presents you with that right property, you might have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H to get it! If you really want it and it feels right, there are usually several ways to get it! It takes thinking outside of the box. Selling stocks, an extra vehicle, writing a contingency, moving money, doing a trade, asking for a private contract, gifting….there are myriads of ways to make that dream happen IF you keep the door of opportunity OPEN and tap into the other foundational aspects that you’ve put into place prior to this. 

Now Get Out There and Dream BIG!

Greasy Spoon sunset January 2015-01-08 17.27.47

If you are looking for a cabin on a lake, let me help you fulfill your dream!
Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
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Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community
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Originally posted in ActiveRain 2/9/2016 by Gayle Rich-Boxman

Trends in Real Estate at Fishhawk Lake Birkenfeld Oregon!

June 2020

Much has changed in our world. Including Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community (FLRC)!!


More people are looking for less urban settings, and the chance to work remotely from home as there has been a major paradigm shift happening globally. Not having to drive to work every day, allows more opportunity to live in a beautiful and tranquil setting that balances out a life that can be more hectic in the city.

There has been an increase in buyers looking to move to Fishhawk Lake full time. The proportion of part timers is still higher, but the full timers are definitely increasing! Also, an influx of single women buying and living here full time has been a trend I’ve seen recently, as well. Taxes and prices are lower than in the Portland Metro area and further out, clear outside of Hillsboro, North Plains and even Forest Grove, where the prices have been driven up because of demand.


Higher price points are becoming more frequent as well. Lakefront properties, whether homes or vacant lots still tend to be the #1 choice for would-be buyers, which usually command a better price.

JUST SOLD!! $289,000

June 3, 2020

Two-owner custom built and one of the first to be built on Northshore Drive, this sweet lakefront home now has new owners!

Lakefront Custom Cabin Exclusively with Gayle Rich-Boxman

Open lakefront views!

Calls come in all of the time from buyers who have found my website and realize that I am THE Local Expert out here in all things Fishhawk!!! Even other realtors are saying that and querying me about the particulars of their scrutinizing clients. 

Check out my blogpost “Ten Questions Buyers Ask ” for some answers to the most common questions I get over and over again. Buyers are doing a lot of research and finding my websites and blogs and my Youtube Fishhawk Lake videos before they call me…which they do often afterwards!!

Another trend:  buyers want land. Camping, future building, reasonable pricing, those are all items of interest.

Joe Kim lot water view 1 IMG_6450




Many are looking towards the future, downsizing, traveling more, not wanting a large home anymore, or just the responsibility of HAVING a home. They want to simplify, or look to build some small cabin in the woods or on Fishhawk Lake for a reasonable sum and they are seeing a plethora of choices of vacant lots with utilities either already hooked up or available. These prices can range from a few thousand to over $100,o00 for lakefront. I sold a lakefront lot in about a week that was listed at $100,000 and sold (cash) for $90,900. I have also been noticing that there has been some new construction happening here lately, as well. For several years, I didn’t see that.

Lakefront Lot for sale! Ready to build!

Flat and buildable gorgeous lakefront lot! $118,000



Some vacant land sellers will offer private contract terms. Call me for more details. (503)755-2905

You, as a buyer, have quite a variety of choices here and no two homes are alike, or vacant lots for that matter! As to sellers, when it comes to mostly vacation homes (still about 75% of them here at Fishhawk Lake), there have ALWAYS been buyers, even during the tough times after 2008, because people who have expendable income are SMART about their money; they have been and continue to be.

Gayle C Rich-Boxman
REALTOR® John L Scott Mkt Ctr Direct: (503)755-2905
Birkenfeld OR 97016


*Five Star Professional* 2017-2020
Fishhawk Lake CC&Rs 
My YouTube Channel: fishhawklakerealtor


Cabin with Largest Acreage at Fishhawk Lake! 10063 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

Cabin with Largest Acreage at Fishhawk Lake! 10063 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016



Exterior of Home

Exterior of Home

Foote home 1
Foote home 5 Foote home 6

This is the largest property at Fishhawk Lake, with 4AC of land, and you get a tax break having 3AC in forest deferment. Like buying a new cabin in a park-like setting AND having deeded access to lakefront for your pontoon!

Almost completely remodeled, you can walk in with your toothbrush and enjoy!
Here are some of the improvements:
  • New paint inside and out 2014-15, New counter tops and paint in kitchen 2015
  • Tile flooring through living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallways 2015
  • Dishwasher, Stove, microwave with venting to the outside 2008, Washer/Dryer set 2014
  • Bathroom:new sink/vanity, new steel tub&tile surround, new toilet, lighting/fan 2011
  • Connected fireplace/heatilator to heater outlets in all rooms 2008
  • Firewood storage and work area 2008, Fire-pit 2010
  • Hillside run-off trenched and laid around 400 ft. of drain hose along the base of hillside to move water out to roadside ditch 2011-14, Planted shrub, new lawn, parking 2010
   This property includes all lake amenities: water, sewer, fishing, boating, swimming, tennis, social events, snow removal, lake management, hiking, biking, and more included in HOA fees of only $1700.00 per year.
You can have more outbuildings, if you prefer, along with the sheds that are already located on behind the home. OR you could go UP and build onto the existing home. And if you prefer a smaller footprint, stay with it the  way it is! Great views of Fishhawk Lake, a firepit for outside fun, a perfect spot for viewing the July 4th festivities, this is a wonderful location.
Foote home 4
Here is a look at the acreage.
Largest acreage at Fishhawk Lake!

Largest acreage at Fishhawk Lake!

Please note: no farm animals allowed in this lake community.
Check out my website for more about Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community.


71818 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR Lakefront Custom Home for Sale on 1/3AC!


Exterior facing Fishhawk Lake

Exterior facing Fishhawk Lake

This lakefront cabin was custom built in 2001 and more remodeling done in the last five years approximately. It has a spacious detached garage, sits on over a 1/3 of an acre with nothing standing in the way of the grand views of Fishhawk Lake that you have from each story of the home.
71818 Northshore Drive photo (3)


With your own dock and an open deck area, you can take in the finest Fishhawk Lake has to offer in any season.

French doors open up to a lower sitting room/family room area with newer stone flooring so no worries about having dogs or kids come in and out while enjoying the deck just outside. Speaking of dogs, there is an invisible fence set up if that’s something you are looking for.

71818 Northshore Drive photo (5)


Some of the newer amenities include: windows, appliances, flooring, exterior paint, baseboards trim and those lovely French doors!

Lower floor also has a spacious laundry room, perfect for dropping off swimwear, outdoor gear, and dirty boots after hiking the copious amounts of trails that surround this remote wonderland!


The large master bedroom has a window that offers terrific lakefront views to wake up to. Along with a good-sized walk-in closet, there is a small office space and your own master bath.
Large master suite faces Fishhawk Lake

Large master suite faces Fishhawk Lake

Upstairs along with the master is an open living area for all-season visages of Fishhawk Lake and you can see them from the dining area as well. Galley kitchen will include all appliances and there is also a breakfast bar!

Great room concept with views of the lake and a breakfast bar

Great room concept with views of the lake and a breakfast bar

Lake amenities with HOA fees of only $1700 per year include fishing, boating, swimming, water/sewer, social events, community lodge, snow removal, neighbor watch, lake management and more.

It’s only 90 minutes from Portland to Paradise, and this home will work well for entertaining guests as a vacation home, or a nice workable size for full time living. Call Gayle today for your private showing! (503)755-2905

71818 Northshore Drive photo (4) is my website.

A Great Moving Company that comes to Fishhawk Lake!

Do You Want a GREAT Moving Company?

We had a tough move ahead. Downsizing from 6214 sq ft to 1500. And we live out in the sticks, waaaaaay out in the country and don’t even have cell service.

So I am used to companies not coming out to Fishhawk Lake.

My husband has an assistant who was trying to help us by doing some research. She came up with a moving company. I called, thinking, great this is one less thing I have to do in this massive move, changing our entire lifestyle,  while also selling my home and continuing my busy real estate business at Fishhawk Lake.

They don’t come out here, they informed me.


So, I was back to square one.
I have moved over 35 times and only once in those years did I use a moving company and that was 1979.

So, I went online–blindly searching.

Somehow, I was guided, the force was with me. I don’t even know how I did it.


What research terms did I use? No clue.


I happened upon

All My Sons Moving & Storage

I immediately liked the name. Crazy, but it felt right.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

Then I watched some terrific video, and of course now I can’t find it. But, my instincts said, this video is really great, they are saying all of the things I want to hear.

I e-mailed them that night. Their website was easy to navigate. There were some moments that I definitely felt some divine intervention going on. Like the first contact person’s name was Andy who immediately responded to my e-mail on their site. I liked that and his name is the same as my sister’s.

I called the next day.

I spoke with Joe. We had an incredibly wonderful conversation.  He and I got along famously and as it turned out he had lived in Weirton, WV, an incredibly small town where my dad was born.

I was being guided!

He answered all of the tough questions that I had listed thanks to my friend, Kathy Streib whom I reached out to in order to find the right company and she wrote a blog about How to Hire a Mover.


The move was seamless, the guys (three of them), Renaldo, Josh and Estefan all introduced themselves and shook my hand as they got out of the truck. It went quickly, with no problems–even though I had a few challenges that I introduced to them during the moving process.

They were sweet, fast and truly wonderful guys.

It was all done in about 4 hours and only cost me $675.00.

My husband had planned for $2,000!!!

I can’t say enough about All My Sons Moving and I have to say that they did everything that they promised they would do and more.

They do local AND long distance moving.

They will most definitely be going on my Resource List for Fishhawk Lake!

(They even have a blog and there’s a nice post about staying safe in your neighborhood for Halloween. I’m tellin’ ya, this is a GREAT moving company!)

Buyer builds rowboat in Bedroom at Fishhawk Lake!

Fishhawk Lake-Building a Boat in Your Bedroom-Not for the Faint of Art

See, there’s this GUY. And he and his wife bought a  lakefront cabin. On  Fishhawk LakeFrom me. Not a big cabin mind you, but one with two small bedrooms and a converted garage. Which became their master. But not for long. He put two kayaks on the wall in there. Two that he built in six weeks while on sabbatical. Great looking wall art!

But, that wasn’t enough.

He had to build a rowboat, a Wineglass Wherry (called such because of its shape). And the sucker’s pretty dang big. So–the master bedroom has now become a B&B…a Bed&Boat room!

Mike Johnson kayaks 2015-01-01 14.30.55


Pygmy RowBoat in the beginning stages

Pygmy RowBoat in the beginning stages

It’s looking beautiful and he talks about it as if it’s a new love affair…he caresses her gently, explaining what he’s done so far to shape her up for the upcoming spring and summer when she will be gliding along the shorelines of Fishhawk Lake in all of her glory.


Knowing nothing about building boats, he is a patient teacher, explaining the steps and the missteps (the wrong formula for a sealer and a call to Pygmy Boats who are only too happy to help!)

Mike Johnson Row boat construction 3 2015-01-01 14.30.13 (1)


Mike Johnson Row boat construction 2 2015-01-01 14.36.06 (1)

He is only somewhat proud of building two kayaks in six weeks, as this one will take longer, but from what he is saying, he will spend the time to perfect the boat-building process


Rowing Skiff


from what he’s learned by building those.

Me, I’m just thrilled to know that he has a lakefront cabin big enough to build a rowboat in, and that his accommodating wife is willing to sleep somewhere else until it’s completed–not for the “faint of art”!


Mike took it on its maiden voyage and I was invited to be there for it.

First day on Fishhawk Lake with Mike's newly bulit rowboat!

First day on Fishhawk Lake with Mike’s newly bulit rowboat!

Originally posted on ActiveRain 2015 by Gayle Rich-Boxman.

Are Homeowners Association Restrictions a BAD Thing?

Fishhawk Lake-Are Homeowners Association Restrictions a Bad Thing?

Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Often when there is a Homeowner’s Association, potential buyers will make a mental leap to that Gestapo-like mentality and so their questions are all geared around the “restrictions” aspect instead of grasping the idea of it being  more of a guide to keep the values up in that particular community.

Fishhawk Lake is a private lake and does have a Homeowner’s Association. We are not a gated community. The CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) may SEEM lengthy, but as with any contractural and legal document, it contains a lot of “legal-ease” to cover all bases. This is what Wikipedia has to say:

In the United States, a homeowner association is a corporation formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling of homes and lots in a residential subdivision.

Here is a link to our Homeowners Conditions Covenants and Restrictions. FLRC CC&Rs

Our community at Fishhawk Lake was developed in the late 1960s

and the original developer wanted it as a private lake to fish and enjoy water activities in a quiet country atmosphere. He was a bit ahead of his time, as it was a hidden treasure for many years, slow to find new buyers way out in the middle of nowhere. 

                      First Existing Cabin on Fishhawk Lake Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

Fast Forward….

I certainly enjoy marketing our area at Fishhawk Lake as a lifestyle, not a community that will restrict people from enjoying where they choose to live in a relaxed atomosphere. Having been a part of this private lake community  (and it is a community)for over 16 years and having had my husband be a past president, I’m okay with the rules and regulations. In reality, we just want to keep our community clean and pristine–just like the forests and waters and nature that surround us and is the very REASON why we live here!

                                      Fishhawk Lake in February Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

Here are a few of the CC&Rs that I appeciate:

Oftentimes, homeowner’s fees are exorbitant. Ours are pretty darned reasonable from what my clients say over and over again. It’s once a year, $3277.00 and that includes all Fishhawk Lake amenities including water and sewer and some of this goes towards reserves. I had a fellow from San Diego exclaim  that he pays more than that in a summer and he doesn’t even water his landscape that much!

You can’t rent out your property at Fishhawk Lake for weekends to strangers or put it on Craigslist to cover your mortgage. This keeps our place quieter and safer. There is one way in and one way out…we are secluded and often, as happens with country properties, people who are here only briefly, for a day or two don’t seem to CARE about not throwing trash out the window, because they’ll never be back!  This type of community doesn’t invite that. Family and friends are welcome anytime, though!

We don’t allow certain kinds of fencing or really bright colors on homes. It’s to blend into nature and not block a neighbor’s view of this glorious slice of paradise I call home

Darlene's pontoon.

One of the pristine views on Fishhawk Lake early morn

You won’t see a bunch of dead vehicles lined up in someone’s driveway or a lot of ugly tarps covering God Knows What. There are certain trees that you can’t cut down, like evergreens unless they are posing a hazard of some sort or are diseased.

Lakefront view of a home I sold earlier this year. Gayle C. Rich-Boxman REALTOR® Vernonia Realty

Lakefront view of a home I sold in 2013.
Nice and open!!

                       Fall greenery on Fishhawk Lake Photo by: Gayle Rich-Boxman

These are just some highpoints to consider when looking at Fishhawk Lake…so don’t let the idea of a Homeowner’s Association scare you off. Call me–let’s talk about the POSITIVES of our HOA!

Rainbow over the clubhouse at Fishhawk Lake.

                     Our Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse and Beach “Yoder Community Center” 
                                      One of the amenities that our HOA fees pays for

Here is a link about some common questions about Fishhawk Lake.  Intrigued? Call me for more details!

Gayle Rich-Boxman

 REALTOR® John L Scott Marketing Center Direct: (503)755-2905

“Your Local Expert”

Fishhawk Lake Vacant Lots Many Choices, Many Options

qafl-06There are still vacant lots for purchase both on the lake and off-the-lake at our private lake community known as Fishhawk Lake. You can find some that will carry a private contract, terms negotiable. The pricing can range from ridiculously low, say about $5,000 to lakefront as high as  $135,000 currently as of 2019.

           Vacant Waterfront Lot for sale! Call Gayle: (503)755-2905

If you don’t feel like building right away, that is just fine! You can camp FOREVER if you would like to. Or camp for awhile, sock that money away, pick your plans and THEN build. The Homeowner’s Association has certain restrictions to be aware of in your search for the building plans. It must be no smaller than 900 square feet and stick built with a foundation. No manufactured homes and no yurts! (I have been asked about both over the years as the full time resident/realtor near Fishhawk Lake).

Some important points to be aware of:

  •  You can leave a recreational vehicle on your lot for up to 60 days PER YEAR. That’s all. We like to keep our community pristine and that means no blue tarps, no non-working trucks hanging out looking trashy.
  • Water and sewer are “available”, some lots already have it hooked up, some don’t. It will cost you $1,000 per utility (water and sewer only) for hook-up. Contact the Fishhawk Lake office for information on how to do this: (503)755-2132.
  • You can cut trees down for the footprint of the property only unless they are alders.
  • Bring your building plans to the architectural committee who meets once a month at the Fishhawk Lake community lodge. You don’t have to have plans to scale, but a good set of drawings, paint chips and anything else that is pertinent would be good to bring with you. Update: I believe you have to bring TWO sets of plans with you.
  • Any purchase of a home or a vacant lot at Fishhawk Lake will also include a $2250 one-time transfer fee at closing. The buyer almost always pays this at closing. If you happen to be buying a home with an extra lot, you will owe for two properties.
  • Homeowner’s association fees are currently $3277.00 per year and include all of your water and sewer usage as well as all lake amenities. It is the same fee whether you own a vacant lot OR a home at Fishhawk Lake.

                The vacant lot that we own!