A Great Moving Company that comes to Fishhawk Lake!

Do You Want a GREAT Moving Company?

We had a tough move ahead. Downsizing from 6214 sq ft to 1500. And we live out in the sticks, waaaaaay out in the country and don’t even have cell service.

So I am used to companies not coming out to Fishhawk Lake.

My husband has an assistant who was trying to help us by doing some research. She came up with a moving company. I called, thinking, great this is one less thing I have to do in this massive move, changing our entire lifestyle,  while also selling my home and continuing my busy real estate business at Fishhawk Lake.

They don’t come out here, they informed me.


So, I was back to square one.
I have moved over 35 times and only once in those years did I use a moving company and that was 1979.

So, I went online–blindly searching.

Somehow, I was guided, the force was with me. I don’t even know how I did it.


What research terms did I use? No clue.


I happened upon

All My Sons Moving & Storage

I immediately liked the name. Crazy, but it felt right.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

Then I watched some terrific video, and of course now I can’t find it. But, my instincts said, this video is really great, they are saying all of the things I want to hear.

I e-mailed them that night. Their website was easy to navigate. There were some moments that I definitely felt some divine intervention going on. Like the first contact person’s name was Andy who immediately responded to my e-mail on their site. I liked that and his name is the same as my sister’s.

I called the next day.

I spoke with Joe. We had an incredibly wonderful conversation.  He and I got along famously and as it turned out he had lived in Weirton, WV, an incredibly small town where my dad was born.

I was being guided!

He answered all of the tough questions that I had listed thanks to my friend, Kathy Streib whom I reached out to in order to find the right company and she wrote a blog about How to Hire a Mover.


The move was seamless, the guys (three of them), Renaldo, Josh and Estefan all introduced themselves and shook my hand as they got out of the truck. It went quickly, with no problems–even though I had a few challenges that I introduced to them during the moving process.

They were sweet, fast and truly wonderful guys.

It was all done in about 4 hours and only cost me $675.00.

My husband had planned for $2,000!!!

I can’t say enough about All My Sons Moving and I have to say that they did everything that they promised they would do and more.

They do local AND long distance moving.

They will most definitely be going on my Resource List for Fishhawk Lake!

(They even have a blog and there’s a nice post about staying safe in your neighborhood for Halloween. I’m tellin’ ya, this is a GREAT moving company!)