Trends in Real Estate at Fishhawk Lake Birkenfeld Oregon!

I have been updating my sellers about what these trends are looking like almost weekly, but thought that future buyers and sellers might want to have this information at their fingertips as well.

Several trends are occurring in our Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community (FLRC) in the last few months. The inquiries I have gotten and sales that have happened as a result have been about the lower-priced properties here at Fishhawk Lake, specifically those under $200,000. Properties that are off-the-lake that the lakefront buyers weren’t interested in have almost all been snatched up and there is very low inventory in this price-point.

71517 Fishhawk Road Birkenfeld OR 97016 $169,000

71517 Fishhawk Road
Birkenfeld OR 97016 $169,000


Another trend I am seeing are the calls about would-be full time residents! People who are getting sick and tired of dealing with the fast-paced growth in Portland, the increasing traffic and the crazy real estate market, pricing many OUT of the market. Add the fact that with more people ¬†working “remotely” from home for a good part of the work week, ¬†I see an opportunity for buyers to look outside of the Portland metropolitan area for property that actually fits into their price range.

A third trend that I’m seeing as a listing agent AND a buyer’s agent is the interest in buying LAND.

Joe Kim lot water view 1 IMG_6450




Many are looking towards the future, downsizing, traveling more, not wanting a large home anymore, or just the responsibility of HAVING a home. They want to simplify, or look to build some small cabin in the woods or on Fishhawk Lake for a reasonable sum and they are seeing a plethora of choices of vacant lots with utilities either already hooked up or available. These prices can range from a few thousand to almost $100,o00 for lakefront. I sold a lakefront lot in about a week that was listed at $100,000 and sold (cash) for $90,900. I have also been noticing that there has been some new construction happening here lately, as well. For several years, I didn’t see that.




You, as a buyer, have quite a variety of choices here and no two homes are alike, or vacant lots for that matter! As to sellers, when it comes to mostly vacation homes (still about 80% of them here at Fishhawk Lake), there have ALWAYS been buyers, even during the tough times after 2008, because people who have expendable income are SMART about their money; they have been and continue to be.

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So, you sellers with the $300K+ lakefront homes, don’t be dismayed! Buyers will come and buy–especially with a lower inventory to choose from!!